We are an ecumenical community of Lay Cistercians associated with the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia guided by the Rule of St. Benedict and Cistercian spirituality. By way of practicing and participating in the life of the contemplative charisms we seek by our Ora et Labora to order our lives in the continual conversion and formation in life of Christ.

Our community meets in Conyers, Georgia monthly to renew our commitment for personal sanctification by striving to live in the world according to the ideals of the Cistercian charism. We commit ourselves to pray for the spiritual and temporal needs of religious, especially for those of the Cistercian Order. We join many generations of people living outside monasteries who have been affiliated with monks and nuns of the Benedictine and Cistercian traditions. Our charism is a call for a greater emphasis on developing the elements of silence and solitude for interior prayer. The underlying spirituality of an Ecumenical Lay Cistercian is the call to live each day in humble submission to the Holy Spirit.


For further information contact laycistercians@att.net


Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ.
RSB Chapter 72